The Centers for Cell Specific Cancer Therapy

Morton Walker, D.P.M.

MORTON WALKER, D.P.M., has authored 73 published books and more than 2000 consumer and peer reviewed articles on alternative medicine. His books include: Jumping for Health, Smart Nutrients, The Chelation Way, The Complete Foot Book, The Healing Powers of Garlic, The Yeast Syndrome, Chelation Therapy, The Chelation Answer, The Healing Powers of Chelation Therapy, Orthomolecular Nutrition, How Not to Have a Heart Attack, DMSO: Nature's Healer, Sexual Nutrition, The Complete Book of Birth, How to Get into Medical School, Think and Grow Thin, Help Your Mate Lose Weight, Throw Away Your Eyeglasses, Total Health, The Power of Color, Toxic Metal Syndrome, How to Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair!, Everything You Should Know about Chelation Therapy, Olive Leaf Extract, The Downhill Syndrome, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Prescription for Long Life, Pain, Pain Go Away, Heartburn and What to Do About It, Bald No More and Elements of Danger.

A Doctor of Podiatric Medicine for 17 years, Dr. Walker has been a full-time freelance medical journalist since 1969. He has won 23 journalism awards including (twice) the prestigious Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Award from the American Business Press. He also has earned research, writing and scientific awards from the American Podiatry Association. In addition, Dr. Walker received the Humanitarian Award from the American College for Advancement in Medicine, the Orthomolecular Award from the Institute of Preventive Medicine, and the Humanitarian Award from the Cancer Control Society.

Dr. Walker lectures all over the world, and has been interviewed more than 2000 times on radio, television, magazines, journals, and newspapers.

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