Metabolic Therapies and Rife Technology at American Metabolics

Geronimo Rubio, M.D.

William Fry, Director

GERONIMO RUBIO, M.D., University of Autonoma de Baja, California Medical School, Mexico, discovered that flowers brought into hospital rooms infected patients with bacterial strains of Pseudomonad Aure Ginosa. He later researched viral and fungal lung infections of the Ensenada Indian Tribe caused by the same source.

Over the past 14 years, Dr. Rubio has developed a process of RNA transference in lymphocytes, and a formula for blocking factors in tumor cells. He is presently the medical director of American Metabolics Institute, La Mesa, Mexico, where he treats patients with immune vaccines, Rife technology, and herbs.

WILLIAM FRY attended the University of Phoenix, Arizona, majoring in Business Administration. In 1991, Mr. Fry investigated the Royal Rife Frequency Generator, a device that some claim can neutralize cancer cells. Mr. Fry is Director of the American Metabolic Institute, La Mesa, Mexico.

In this video, Dr. Rubio and Bill Fry, Director, American Metabolics, discuss Metabolic Therapies and Rife Technology at American Metabolics.

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