Breast Implants Recovery and Discovery (BIRD) Service

Ilena Rosenthal

ILENA ROSENTHAL, B.A., Psychology, University of Colorado. For many years, she focused her life on world travel, the real estate business, and spiritual growth. In 1995, after hearing horror stories from women with breast implants, she became a crusader against them, and created an internet newsgroup on this topic. She currently runs an online e-mail support service for thousands of silicone-damaged people and their families. For those with no access to the internet, the San Diego, California investigator provides literature, including her booklet "Breast Implants: The Myths, The Facts, The Women." She is Director of "Breast Implants: Recovery and Discovery (BIRD)," a division of the Humantics Foundation for Women. For more information contact her by phone (858) 270-0680. To send her an email, click HERE

In this video, Ms. Rosenthal speaks on Breast Cancer & Implants: Double Jeopardy.

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