The Issels-Gerson Therapy

Dan Rogers, M.D.

DAN ROGERS, M.D., Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Mexico, internship residency in family practice medicine in Florida. Dr. Rogers graduated from Loma Linda University with B.A.'s in Biology and Physical Education, then continued graduate studies at University of California San Bernardino and Riverside. He also has a degree from Riverside Law School.

In 1978, Drs. Dan Rogers, Victor OrtuŅo, and Arturo OrtuŅo started Hospital Jardines de La Mesa in Tijuana, Mexico using the Gerson Therapy as the primary treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases. He is currently chief of staff and director of clinical investigations at Centro Hospitalario Internacional Pacifico, S.A. (CHIPSA).

In 1996, Dr. Rogers began working with Josef Issels, M.D. to combine the Gerson Therapy with that of Issels' "Whole-Body Immunotherapy." Dr. Issels worked at the hospital until his death in 1999, at age 90.

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In this video, Dr. Rogers addresses The Issels-Gerson Therapy.

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