Alternative Medicine Lobbying, 1999

Clinton Miller

CLINTON MILLER is the legislative advocate for the Health Freedom Fund. He was also legislative advocate, vice president and executive director of the National Health Federation. Alternative medicine's top lobbyist, he is an irreplaceable ally to health freedom fighters everywhere.

Mr. Miller's current projects are:
(1) To help enact HR 1077, allowing food supplement manufacturers to label their products with information.
(2) To help enact HR 2635, the Access to Medical Treatment Act (AMTA), allowing health care professionals to provide alternative medical treatments.
(3) To repeal all mandatory fluoridation laws.
(4) To kill or amend state monopoly Dietician Licensure Bills.
(5) To kill or amend state and national regulations banning ma huang or ephedra herbs as prescription drugs.

In this video, Alternative Medicine Lobbying 1999, Mr. Miller speaks on these and other issues.

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