The Skin Cancer Answer

William Lane, Ph.D.

WILLIAM LANE, Ph.D., Biochemistry and Nutrition from Rutgers University, and a masters degree in nutrition from Cornell. He studied and worked under two Nobel Prize Winners: Dr. James Sumner of Cornell (who crystalized the first enzyme, urease); and Dr. Selman Waksman (who developed streptomycin.) Dr. Lane is the chairman of Cartilage Consultants, Inc.

Dr. Lane's research created much of today's interest in shark cartilage. He holds a U.S. Patent on the use of shark cartilage to inhibit angiogenesis, the creation of a blood network by cancer cells. His work has helped to increase the acceptance of natural treatments. He was featured on CBS' "60 Minutes" in 1993. He has authored four books: Sharks Don't Get Cancer (1993), Sharks Still Don't Get Cancer (1996), The Skin Cancer Answer, (1998) and Immune Power (1999).

Divided into three parts, The Skin Cancer Answer begins with a look at our planet, ourselves and our relationship with the sun; the causes and various types of skin cancer; and the use of common plant extracts to treat basal and squamous cell carcinomas. In this video, Dr. Lane shares his knowledge on preventing and treating skin cancer.

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