Luigi DiBella's Alternative Cancer Therapy

Jerry Green, M.D.

JERRY GREEN, M.D., University of Toronto Medical School, has been an advocate and practitioner of alternative medicine for more than 30 years, with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto.

Dr. Green emphasizes food, vitamins, herbs, aerobic exercise and lifestyle manipulation. He advocates Luigi Di Bella's M.D. alternative cancer method, using an individualized mixture of somatostatin, melatonin, vitamin C and other subtances.

Dr. Green also works as a journalist, hosting two radio talk shows and a television news show. He has also written for major magazines and newspapers.

Dr. Green's book, How You Can Prevent & Treat Cancer Using Dr. Luigi Di Bella's Alternative Medical Method, is the subject of this video. For more information regarding the Di Bella Method, contact Dr. Green at (323) 851-5410, (888) 605-8889 or (416) 223-0344. To visit his website, click HERE. To send him an email, click HERE

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