Alternative Medicine: Definitive Guide to Cancer

Burton Goldberg

BURTON GOLDBERG, is president of A former hotelier, restaurateur, and developer, Mr. Goldberg discovered alternative medicine 18 years ago after a near tragedy. The daughter of a friend attempted suicide while undergoing psychiatric treatment for depression. The child was then referred to a holistic physician, who successfully treated her with food and supplements. Amazed at her complete recovery, Mr. Goldberg concluded that conventional medicine had paid little attention to the potential of nutrition to correct psychiatric disorders.

Determined to learn more, Mr. Goldberg circled the globe to study with the world's leading alternative physicians. He then assembled a team of 220 writers, researchers and educators to publish the 1,100 page, Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. In its "Cancer" section, 23 alternative physicians outline their successful cancer protocols.

Mr. Goldberg later published A Complete Guide to Innovative Cancer Treatments, and The Alternative Medicine Yellow of 16,000 North American alternative physicians. He also publishes a monthly magazine, Alternative Medicine Digest: The Voice of Alternative Medicine.

"My mission will not be finished until every American knows about and is able to freely and affordably receive alternative medicine," Mr. Goldberg vowed. "Our health and the health of our children depends upon knowing all of the options available to us. Freedom of medical choice should be part of our Bill of Rights."

In this video, Mr. Goldberg retells some of alternative medicine's dramatic successes. He also interviews with several patients on stage. To access his web page, click HERE.

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