CHRISTIAN WILDE is a Medical Author and Researcher who has written two “cutting edge” books on cardiovascular disease as well as authoring his quarterly, Stem Cell And Turmeric Research Report. He will address how the world’s leading Turmeric Researcher, Bharal Aggarwal, Ph.D., explains how a thousands year old simple spice is able to shut down the most complex scientific pathways cancer engages to destroy our lives. Turmeric is being used currently for treating various conditions at major universities, including brain gliomas, through its proven abilities to break the blood brain barrier.

Turmeric has also been shown to dramatically improve the results of chemo and radiation when used in combination with traditional medicine. The American Cancer Society has acknowledged turmeric successfully kills cancer cells. The author will also update on how stem cells are making progress in treating various forms of cancer in the ongoing FDSA trials.

He has appeared as a guest on more than 500 radio and TV shows and on Coast to Coast with George Noory worldwide (heard locally on radio KFI 640AM, 10:00p.m. – 5:00 a.m., M-F) as a Medical Commentator more than 300 times over 10 years on the subjects of turmeric, heart disease and adult stem cells.

His work has been supported by Directors of Preventive and Stem Cell Cardiology at eleven universities, including UCLA, Utah, Columbia, UCSD, Arizona Heart Institute, Mercy Gilbert & Chandler Regional Medical Centers and Princeton Imaging Center.

Christian’s first book - Hidden Causes Of Heart Attack And Stroke (inflammation, cardiology’s new frontier) was credited as being one of the first to define inflammation’s role in heart disease for the general public.

His second book – Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair explores how, for the first time in history, scientists are rejuvenating the damaged hearts of “no option” heart failure patients with their own stem cells in ongoing FDA trials. It is important to note, the FDA has not granted final approval for turmeric (at this time) for any condition.

Christian may be contacted through his office located in Studio City, California by phone 866-STEM-123 and website

He will speak on turmeric’s many attributes Turmeric – Out Of The Closet.

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