JACOB SWILLING, Ph.D. received his Degree from the International University for Nutrition Education in Huntington Beach, California. He has more than 25 years research experience in Biochemistry with a specialization in chronic illness, cancer and degenerative disease.

He is internationally known for his advanced work in the field of Biological Medicine that developed into a working model at the Genesis West Medical Center located in Playas de Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, which he operated with his family for more than 10 years. The Clinic was regarded as the most advanced of its kind in the testing, evaluation and treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases.

In 2006, Dr. Swilling travelled with his wife and daughter to Malaysia in response to an invitation from a medical group to help set up Alternative Healthcare Centers in that country. For 3 years he acted as consultant, resulting in a Research and Development Program that has over 40 registered Medical Clinics.

After returning to the US in 2009, he founded the Know Your Options Wellness Center in Costa Mesa, California, where he is currently servicing a growing list of practitioners and corporations.
Dr. Swilling has published 9 books, which are all available on www.kyopublications.com. The books are Cancer Self Help Program; Diabetes: A Self Help Solution; Minerals: Key to Vibrant Health and Life Force; pH, HCL and Blood Sugar: As Determining Facts in Health and Disease; Healing Power of Natural Whole Foods; Bio-Cleanse Detoxification: Colon Restoration Program; Medical Ozone: A Hidden Source of Disease Prevention and Treatment; Guidelines for Planning a Nutritious and Balanced Daily Diet and Nutrition, Sex and Fertility.

Dr. Swilling can be contacted through his office at Know Your Options Wellness Center by phone 714-708-3600 and e-mail knowyouroptions@gmail.com.

He will speak on Detoxification After Chemotherapy.

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