ALEXANDER HERZOG, M.D. born in Hamburg, Germany, completed his Medical Studies at Ruperta Corola University, Heidelberg, Germany and Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Scotland in 1983.

For the next 3 years he did scientific research in Immunology at the German-Cancer-Research-Center. His main topic of research was on Induction of T-Cell Mediated Immune Reactions against cancer cells. He also did research on Tumor Vaccination Therapies.

From 1986 to 1992 Dr. Herzog specialized in Internal Medicine and Oncology at the Medical University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. During several years as Consultant and Head Physician in different hospitals he specialized in Alternative and Complementary Therapies of cancer including the different techniques of Hyperthermia in cancer treatment.

Later, Dr. Herzog became the Head Physician and Medical Director of the Benediktus Hospital in Ortenberg, Germany featuring Integrative Cancer Therapy and Complementary Medicine.

Since 2002, Dr. Herzog has been the Medical Director of his Special Hospital Dr. Herzog located in Nidda, Germany specializing in Hyperthermia and Complementary Oncology. Beside conventional cancer treatments, Biologic Therapies, Enzyme Therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy, Mistletoe Lectines, Orthomolecular Medicine, Ozone Therapy, Phytotherapy and Thymus Peptides are used to support the immune system, to reduce chemotherapy related side effects and to maintain or improve the quality of life.

Dr. Herzog may be contacted through his Hospital by phone 011-49-6043-9830, fax 011-49-6043-983194, e-mail and web-site

He will speak on Hyperthermia In Advanced And Metastatic Cancer.

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