ROBY MITCHELL, M.D. graduated with honors from Texas Tech University School of Medicine in Lubbuck, Texas. While attending Texas Tech, he was selected to be the first medical student in an exchange program with Jinan University Medical School in mainland China. This was Dr. Mitchell's first exposure to Alternative Therapies. Dr. Mitchell also studied Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine at the University of Alberta, Canada. While at Texas Tech, he was awarded a Fellowship in Cardiovascular Pharmacology and did Ph.D. work under the world-renowned Physiologist PKT Pang, Ph.D. Dr. Mitchell worked with Dr. Pang on the Patho-Physiology of Hypertension. During his residency, Dr. Mitchell acted as Chief Resident.

Following his residency, Dr. Mitchell became an ER Physician. It was during this time that he developed hypertension and arthritis. Suffering from severe side effects from the prescription medications, he revisited the philosophies he had learned in China of biochemical rebalancing with diet and supplements and was able to improve both conditions.

This led him to search for doctors trained in nutritional medicine. The first step was studying nutritional medicine with pioneer Hugh Riordan, M.D., in Wichita, Kansas at the Center for Healing Arts. Then, he studied Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy with Oprah's favorite Gynecologist, Christiane Northrup, M.D. In 1994, he attended one of the famous Wright/Gaby lecture series conducted by Jonathan Wright, M.D. and Alan Gaby, M.D. This was a pivotal point for Dr. Mitchell as he developed a lasting friendship with Dr. Wright as well as falling under his mentorship. Building on this foundation over the years, Dr. Mitchell has become an authority on Nutritional Medicine and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies in his own right.

Dr. Mitchell complemented his nutritional expertise with training at the Cooper Center for Aerobics Research under the father of aerobic exercise, Kenneth Cooper, M.D. This was complemented with study under nautilus developer, Arthur Jones. Jones taught Dr. Mitchell principles of strength training. His avid penchant for fitness gained him the nickname of "Dr. Fitt." He later developed an exercise device for home use, "Dr. Fitt's Gym-in-a-Bag." Dr. Mitchell has also developed successful therapies for all types of arthritis, wrinkles, and sinusitis.

In September of 2007, Dr. Mitchell was invited to practice at the prestigious Tahoma Clinic, the nation's premier Nutritional Medicine Clinic. There he teamed with Jonathan Wright, M.D. Dr. Mitchell brought his innovative spirit to the Tahoma Clinic. He pioneered the use of transdermal thyroid hormone replacement there. He also developed his hugely successful "Weight is Over" protocols there, incorporating the use of HCG and transdermal thyroid hormone replacement.

Dr. Mitchell developed the use of a nasal delivery system for HCG, obviating the need for patients to give themselves injections. Dr. Mitchell also honed his skills at treating colon, prostate, and breast cancer. This skill became necessary as Dr. Mitchell developed life threatening, advanced prostate cancer himself. Staying true to his philosophies, Dr. Mitchell opted not to use conventional therapies, but instead, investigated and chose a series of natural therapies that fended off his cancer. He had previously used some of these therapies to keep his mother alive for 6 years after she was told she would be dead in 6 months from colon cancer developed from taking Premarin.

Dr. Mitchell now consults worldwide with other physicians interested in transitioning their patients on to regimens that take them off drugs and on to healthful regimens using Nutrition, Exercise, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and targeted Supplements. He also continues to serve patients with nutritional/lifestyle counseling and education.

Dr. Mitchell maintains an Orthomolecular Medicine Practice in Amarillo, Texas and he may be reached by phone at 806-353-1447.

He will speak on A Botanically Based Anti-Fungal Treatment Against Cancer.

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