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ALFRED HANSER, CEO, GIA WELLNESS, holds Magna Cum Laude Degrees in Organizational Behavior Business Policy and International Business from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He is considered an expert in the areas of electromagnetic radiation problems and solutions, as well as in hydration and nourishment, with emphasis on anti-aging. Mr. Hanser has been a featured speaker at many health and wellness congresses and scientific conventions, as well as an expert guest on many radio and TV shows around the world.

He is also a highly experienced Marketing and Sales expert, as well as a successful entrepreneur with a track record of founding and growing several multi-million-dollar companies in the Health & Wellness Industry. During his career, Mr. Hanser worked as a Management Consultant for a number of Fortune 500 companies in the Health Industry. Later, Mr. Hanser co-founded a European medical device distribution company that has since grown into a multi-million-dollar operation with representation in 8 countries. He also co-founded an international Wellness Company with its patented core technologies having generated in excess of $100 million dollars in sales, helping millions of people improve their quality of life in the process, and he serves on the Board of Directors for several U.S. and European companies.

Mr. Hanser may be contacted through his GIA Wellness office located in Carlsbad, California by phone 760-448-2498 and e-mail

He will speak on Radiation, & Rapid Aging In The Wireless Age – Problems & Solutions.

Presentation Overview:

Close to 6 billion people are using cell phones every day. Seemingly unrelated – and despite global water consumption being at an all time high – according to the World Health Organziation (WHO), more than 75% of the world's population is chronically dehydrated. At the same time, the environmentally induced "Rapid Aging Syndrome" (RAS) has people spending $115 billion dollars per year 2015 on anti-aging products, and another $270 billion on Nutritional Supplements, growing at a staggering rate of 26% per year, even during the recession.

How is all of this connected? Latest scientific discoveries – including Nobel Prize-winning work – in the areas of Wireless Radiation exposure, Hydration, Energy & Nourishment are revealing never before seen connections between our hi-tech lifestyle, environmental toxicity and the rate at which we age. The ever-evolving science-based presentation, which has been featured at a number of renowned Science, Wellness & Anti-Aging conferences, will provide fascinating insights into the aforementioned connections and educate listeners about why our hi-tech lifestyles require an entirely new generation of hi-tech Wellness & Anti-Aging solutions.

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