LAURA FETTIG, EDUCATOR, received her B.S. Degree with Honors from the Ohio State University, Columbus, in Human Ecology, with a Minor in Social Psychology. Her Thesis: The Role of Life Stages in the Development of Personality Attributes as reflected in Clothing Choice and is published in the Journal of The Association of College Professors of Textiles and Clothing.

After a near death experience resulting from complications from her fourth major spinal surgery, Laura sought out holistic methods of healing, and as a result of her search became Executive Director of "Healthy Trends" radio show. Here, she gained access to significant practitioners and products in all areas of health and wellness for body, mind and spirit.

One product in particular, Orange TKO, assisted in boosting Laura's immune system by eliminating toxins, not only in her house, but also within her body. Laura is currently the Director of Education for Orange TKO. The major component of Orange TKO has been proven to prevent DNA damage linked to cancer and accelerated aging in humans as well as animals. It is non-carcinogenic and anti-carcinogenic.

In 2009, Laura completed her training as a Minister of Spritual Intuitive Communication and Healing and has just received her certification as a DNA Theta Healing Practitioner.

Laura Fettig may be contacted by phone 310-644-6438 / 888-496-4464, e-mail and websites and

Laura will speak on Cancer Free Living.

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