Program Directors of the 41st Cancer Convention

FRANK COUSINEAU, PRESIDENT, CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY attended Stanislaus State College, Turlock, California, majoring in History and English. Frank was only months away from obtaining his teaching degree when his mother developed cancer for the third time. The frustration from futile attempts at arresting this disease caused Frank and his family to investigate available alternatives to “cut, burn and poison.” This search led to Dr. Ernesto Contreras at his Centro Medico del Mar Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

Metabolic therapy and a change in diet provided relief from pain and eased his mother’s passing.

Frank’s involvement in Alternative Therapies was increased when he married Dr. Contreras’s secretary. They now live in Modesto where they are the creators and owners of Life Support, which supplies nutritional supplements primarily to Physicians who practice Metabolic Therapy.

Frank organizes tours to the Alternative Cancer Clinics in Tijuana, Mexico 4 times a year or upon request. Information and reservations may be obtained by calling him at (209) 529-4697 in Modesto, California.

CHARLES WINTNER, VICE-PRESIDENT, received his Masters Degree as a School Psychologist from California State University in Northridge. He is now a School Psychologist employed by the Los Angeles County Office of Education. His job is to assess learning disabilities and provide psychological services for incarcerated youth.

Prior to becoming a school Psychologist, Mr. Wintner received a B.A. in Communications from Michigan State University. He produced many documentaries, educational films, commercials, television magazine segments and films for business and industry.

In 1994, Mr. Wintner and his wife Lisa completed “What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Cancer,” a documentary hosted by Eddie Albert, about Alternatives to mainstream cancer treatment including the Cancer Control Society and its Annual Convention. Since 1988, Mr. Wintner’s company, Malibu Video, has provided audio-visual, videotape and DVD services for each Cancer Control Convention.
LORRAINE ROSENTHAL, CO-FOUNDER, CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY received her B.A. in Zoology in 1958 at the University of California Berkeley. She has worked at the Osteopathic School and the City of Hope in Los Angeles as a Lab Technician in cancer research. After observing and reading literature on cancer in connection with nutrition she was convinced that we must go back to natural foods if we are to stop degenerative diseases. Therefore, she opened a health food store called Oasis of Health, which was conveniently located across from Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood. In 1965, she met Cecil Hoffman, Founder of the International Association of Cancer Victims & Friends (IACVF) and became very interested in Laetrile. She served on the board of the IACVF since 1966 and did much of the pioneer work through the Los Angeles Chapter, which is now called Cancer Control Society, of which she is the Treasurer of the Executive Board as a full time volunteer. She has also been Convention Director for over 30 years.

Lorraine was also responsible for the production of 2 historical films, Nature’s Answer to Cancer (The story of Vitamin B17) and the National Health Federation (NHF) documentary Action for Survival starring Ralph Nader and Adelle Davis.

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