RITA MIKKELSAAR, R.N. received her Degree in Nursing in 1980 from Mack School of Nursing at Niagara College in St. Catharine, Ontario, Canada. Her career began at the Toronto General Hospital in General Surgery/Surgical Oncology Nursing and on to General Oncology. During this time she was also involved in data collection for the University of Toronto Researchers for scientific publications.

In 1985, Rita assisted Rudy Falk, M.D., a Surgical Oncologist, in opening the first private active cancer treatment centre in Canada called the Falk Oncology Centre located in Toronto, Ontario. The centre attracted patients worldwide, providing conventional and Complementary Combination Therapies primarily for cancer. This included Poly-MVA, which was to become a standard Therapy at this centre because of its success rate.

In 1996, along with Dr. Falk, Rita assisted several physicians and other health care professionals from the U.S. in opening a multi-disciplinary integrative medical centre called The Americas Treatment & Research Centre located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Following Dr. Falk's death in 1998, Rita was adamant that Dr. Falk's work be continued on, and eventually in 2001, she founded another health clinic under the direction of Leonard Direnfeld, M.D. and in 2009, joined also with Vlade Gagovski, M.D.

In 2010, she founded the United Medicine Group, which continues to assist medical doctors in expanding their practices to include Integrative Medicine. She also travels across Canada to assist those physicians who require her expertise in private clinic setup and expansion.

Rita may be contacted through her office at the United Medicine Group located in Egbert, Ontario, Canada by phone 705-424-3721, website unitedmedicinegroup.com and e-mail info@unitedmedicinegroup.com.

She will speak on The Original Clinical Studies On Poly-MVA By Oncologist Rudy Falk, M.D. In Canada.


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