DAN KENNER, Ph.D., L.Ac graduated in 1979 from the Meiji College of Oriental Medicine in Japan, passed the Japanese National Licensing Examination and then trained in Internships at Osaka Medical University Pain Clinic and Kinki University Medical Teaching Hospital. He is licensed to practice Oriental Medicine both in the U.S. and in Japan, as one of the first foreigners to be licensed by the Japanese Government.

Dan also has a Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medical Science from the First National University of Naturopathic Medical Sciences located in Macon, Georgia. Since 1983, he has endeavored to integrate the Naturopathic Medical Traditions of North America and Europe with the Traditional Medicine of East Asia.

In addition to authoring numerous articles, he is author of Botanical Medicine: A European Professional Perspective (Paradigm, 1996), AHCC–The Japanese Medical Mushroom Immune Enhancer (Woodland, 2001), The Science of AHCC, Pescatore, Kenner (Basic Health Publications, 2009) and The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer (New Harbinger, 2009).

Also to his credit, Dan has done many Consultations with both health and medical groups. He is also on the Board of Governors of the National Health Federation (NHF) and authors their Health Bits & Pieces column and and is profiled on their website at www.thenhf.org. The NHF is the oldest health freedom organization in the world and is the only organization with a permanent seat at the Codex Alimentarius commission, which sets international standards and regulations for food and supplements. The NHF supports Codex guidelines and standards that are based on freedom of choice for the consumer rather than for corporate giants of the drug and food industries. The NHF also speaks out on GMO foods, fluoridation, vaccination and other health-related corporate and public policy threats to health freedom.

Dan's Convention presentation will be on slowing down and stopping the 4 factors that promote cancer development and the 7 components of the healing process necessary for quality of life and longevity based on his book The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer.

Dan Kenner may be reached at his office located in Forestville, California by phone 707-575-7070, fax 707-887-1715, website www.dankennerresearch.com and e-mail dan@dankennerresearch.com.

He will speak on The Whole-Body Workbook For Cancer.

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