SHARYN WYNTERS, N.D. received her Naturopath Degree in 1996 from the Clayton School of Natural Healing in Birmingham, Alabama. Sharyn has studied dozens of disciplines including Acupuncture, Metabolic Nutrition, Rolfing, Heller Work, Gestalt Therapy, Primal Therapy, Mind Dynamics, Breathwork, Pilates, Hypnosis, Vocal Bio Matrix, Sound Therapy, Emotional Release, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, Myotherapy, Orthobiotomy, Fedenkrais and many others.

Over 30 years ago as a successful actress, Sharyn was diagnosed with cancer. Refusing to accept the medical profession's grim portrayal of her future, she enlisted the help of William Donald Kelly, D.D.S. After her recovery, she became his student. Her healing journey not only left her cancer-free, but also gave her a new passion. Today, as a Naturopathic Doctor, Motivational Speaker, author of 3 books and advocate of an internationally recognized program based on whole food nutrition and toxin-free living, Dr. Wynters is in a unique position to help thousands on the road to optimal health.

Dr. Wynters' 3 books include Regenerative Eating: A Live, Uncooked Cookbook Addressing the Deeper Issues of Health and Wellness and How To Be a Successful Thinker: Creating the Life of Your Dreams. Her latest book Survive! A Family Guide to Thriving in a Toxic World was co-authored with Burton Goldberg, known as the "Voice of Alternative Medicine" and Founder of Alternative Therapy magazine and author of a series of 18 books on health.

The book reflects years of research into the dangers of the toxins in our modern living environment and how to avoid them.

Sharyn has also produced 2 CD's, "The Wisdom to Change" and "The Solution for Wellness."

Dr. Wynters may be contacted through her office in Tarzana, California by her website and e-mail

She will speak on Survive! A Family Guide To Thriving In A Toxic World.

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