FILIBERTO MUÑOZ, M.D. received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the National Autonomous University in Mexico City, Mexico. His medical specialty is the application of Immunotherapy to the Practice of Oncology.

Since 1997, he has been the Medical Director of the San Diego Clinic, located in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Muñoz has worked with a number of Alternative/Integrative Clinics in Mexico. This experience has provided him with a broad base of knowledge, which he augmented with extensive research and analysis of Therapies from around the globe. This research and experience includes his work with Professor Werner Scheidl, Ph.D. and specific insights into the therapeutic application of Hyperthermia from his study in Italy. He has evaluated over 10,000 patients from the United States and foreign countries.

Dr. Muñoz takes an eclectic approach with his treatment protocols, which include, but are not limited to, German Immune Boosting Therapies, Biological Therapies, Autologous and Heterologous Vaccines, Cancer Vaccines, Tumor-Site injectables, Immune Support Therapies, Metabolic Therapies, Muñoz-Modified Fractionated Chemotherapy, Dendritic Cells, Stem Cells and more.

These Therapies allow Dr. Muñoz to design a per patient, individualized approach, which specifically targets cancer cells, corrects immune dysfunction and stimulates the patient's immune system. These safe and effective Multi-Modal Techniques are designed to bypass immune inadequacies, boost and strengthen the immune system and address detoxification.

Dr. Muñoz states, "I treat my patients with great care and strive to give them a thorough understanding of both their condition and the various options available to them. With this understanding and cooperation, patients bring novel ideas to the table, as well as, participate when formulating the Therapeutic Program that will improve the patient's condition."

You may contact Dr. Muñoz by phone 619/618-2879 and 619/804-7783, the website and e-mail at

He will speak on Complementary And Innovative Care At The San Diego Clinic.

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