GAR HILDENBRAND, FOUNDER GERSON RESEARCH ORGANIZATION, a scientific group dedicated to the legacy of nutritional-immunology pioneer Max Gerson, M.D., and Clinical Epidemiologist of CHIPSA Hospital, which is located in Playas De Tijuana, Mexico. Gar has broad knowledge and experience in the evaluation of Alternative Cancer Therapies. He is a past Executive Director of the Gerson Institute, as well as a former Director of the Issels Treatment Center of the Oasis Hospital, where he introduced Photopheresis with dendritic cell culture.

Mr. Hildenbrand is a federal policy expert and long-time political activist for reform of the cancer industry. As a whistle-blowing advisor to the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), he exposed stealth "Quackbusters" on the OTA staff and helped save the study "Unconventional Cancer Treatments." He was appointed by Iowa Senator Tom Harkin to monitor the introduction of a coordinating office, the Office of Alternative Medicine, into the Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health and was promptly labeled a "Harkinite" in the pages of "Science" magazine.

A tireless advocate for fair evaluation of promising Alternatives, Gar is currently leading a Freedom of Information Act investigation into the FDA's long term war against Coley Toxin, the first and by far most effective immunotherapeutic agent for advanced cancer. His documentary, Cancer Survivors USA: A road trip and an open letter to Senator Tom Harkin, features recovered cancer patients urging Sen. Harkin to aid this investigation, restore Coley Toxin in the US and return the human immune system to its rightful place at the center of modern cancer management.

Mr. Hildenbrand's current work with CHIPSA Hospital involves the integration of Gerson's Nutritional Immunotherapy, Coley Toxin, and Live Dendritic Cell Therapy.

He may be contacted by phone through CHIPSA 800-759-2966, fax 011(52)-664-680-2908 and e-mail

Mr. Hildenbrand will speak on Liberating The Human Immune System: Gerson, Coley & Our Own Dendritic Cells.

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