DAVID STEINMAN, M.S. earned his Masters Degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon in Portland and his Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia University in New York City.

David is the environmental health consumer advocate known as “America’s Consumer Cop.” He achieved fame in 1990 as author of the best selling Diet for a Poisoned Planet: How to Choose Safe Foods for You and Your Family. Previously, he testified before a Congressional Subcommittee on Health and the Environment and served at the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine on a Committee for Seafood Safety.

Mr. Steinman’s book, co-authored with Samuel Epstein, M.D., The Safe Shopper’s Bible: A Consumer’s Guide to Nontoxic Household Products, Cosmetics and Food, published in 1995, was one of the best-selling consumer guides of its time. He also authored Living Healthy in a Toxic World in 1996, The Breast Cancer Prevention Program, co-authored by Dr. Epstein again in 1998 and Safe Trip to Eden: Ten Steps to Save the Planet Earth from Global Warming Meltdown in 2007.

In 1999, Mr. Steinman founded Freedom Press, a publishing company for books and magazines on natural health and environmental issues. His groundbreaking work on testing and exposing the presence of the carcinogen 1,4-dioxane in consumer products (including children’s bath products) has led to product reformulations by major brands throughout the industry and has been covered in major mainstream media. David has won many awards for his writing as an author and journalistic reporter.

He is also the Host of America’s leading wireless radio show “Green Patriot Radio with David Steinman,” and Editor of “The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living,” a national health magazine.

Mr. Steinman may be contacted through his Freedom Press office in Topanga, California by phone 800-959-9797, fax 310-455-8962, websites www.healthylivingmag.com and www.greenpatriotradio.com and e-mail shuetto@freedompressonline.com

He will speak on Flor-Essence, Systemic Enzymes & Fax Lignans Against Cancer.

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