TOM KOPKO, B.A., M.A. is a semi-retired Hospital Chaplain and Clergyman. He is the Editor of his monthly magazine “God’s Physicians,” author of True Healing With Nature’s Doctors and teacher of Alternative Therapies for 5 years.

Tom first became interested in health while in the U.S. Army as a human guinea pig with 90 other servicemen, exposed to Q fever in battlefield conditions in Camp Dugway, Utah in 1955 on a secret project called Operation Whitecoat.

He has lectured for 25 years on Vitamin “L”...Love plus Laughter equals Longevity. Vitamin “L” has been shown to build up killer T cells in the immune system.

Tom may be contacted by phone 916-771-0654 and e-mail

He will speak on Endorphins & Getting Well Again.

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