BILL HENDERSON, AUTHOR. Before he started his crusade on cancer, Mr. Henderson was a U.S. Air Force Colonel. He retired after 25 years of service in 1977. In 1978, he founded a computer software publishing company, which he sold in 1995 after his wife died of cancer.

Bill is on a crusade. The death of his wife in 1994, after her 4 years of conventional treatment for ovarian cancer, caused Bill to start his search for better ways to treat cancer. Having researched and documented many natural healing therapies, he has become committed to helping as many people as possible to avoid his former wife’s fate.

Since then, he has devoted full time to helping cancer patients survive. He is now the Vice President and Secretary of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. Bill says “Nothing is as fulfilling in life as helping others survive.”

His latest book Cancer-Free—Your Guide To Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing (Third Edition) has received rave reviews. Hundreds of people all over the world attribute their survival from cancer to Bill’s simple and inexpensive healing regimen.

In addition to his books, newsletters, workshops and telephone and e-mail support of cancer patients worldwide, Bill now does a weekly webtalk radio show called How to Live Cancer-Free. He interviews prominent physicians, researchers and cancer survivors from all over the world. He has become widely known as an expert on “alternative” health issues. His newsletter “Cancer-Free” is now read by over 19,000 subscribers in 78 countries.

Bill resides in Discovery Bay, California and may be contacted by phone 800-551-6209, website and e-mail

He will speak on Your Guide To Gentle, Non-Toxic Therapies.

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