D. DOUGLAS HOFFMAN, CMI, CMA, CMR, CIEA (Certified Mold Inspector, Assessor, Remediator, and Indoor Environmental Assessor) is a State of Florida Certified Class “A” General Contractor, Certified Master Plumbing Contractor, and Certified Master Roofing Contractor. He understands the construction industry and authored Mold-Free Construction, www.MoldFreeConstruction.com.

He now serves as Executive Director of NORMI, the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors www.NORMI.org, where his efforts are directed toward educating the public on the problems of toxic mold and current solutions. NORMI’s solution-based trainings, www.BestTrainingSchool.com, include classes for the public and industry professionals who want to know more about mold and other indoor air quality contaminants. NORMI, a non-profit certifying agency, has been recognized as the “largest trainer of IAQ Screening professionals in the world” and serves as an approved training provider for several state regulatory agencies, organizations, and manufacturers.

For 35 years Mr. Hoffman operated several construction companies focusing on custom homebuilding and the elaborate renovation of older homes. Having focused on indoor air quality problems for the past 12 years, Mr. Hoffman has said, “For 35 years I created indoor air quality problems so now I’ll spend the rest of my life solving them.”

Seven years ago Mr. Hoffman wrote Mold-Free Construction to help homeowners evaluate and oversee the building process of their home to insure that the construction would result in a cleaner home. Much of the material in the book can be applied to existing homes as well, so the book has relevance to anyone in any living environment. He developed the Mold-Free Process that combines utilization of green technologies, proper building techniques, following manufacturer’s specifications and energy-saving processes to formulate the NORMI Healthier Home Certification for builders.

Mr. Hoffman is considered an expert in the construction field on mold and related indoor air quality contaminants and speaks regularly on national radio programs, TV, and through NORMI’s YouTube channel at www.YouTube.com/NORMIPro. He can be reached through his personal email address at doug@normi.org or by telephone at 877-251-2296.

He will speak on Protecting Your Home, Environment & Health From Toxic Molds.

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