LYNN ELDRIDGE, M.D. graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, with prestigious Alpha Omega Honors in 1986. She completed her Residency at the same University with time spent in Hawaii studying health risks related to human exposure to pesticides.

From 1989 through 2005, Dr. Eldridge practiced Primary Care Medicine with a passionate emphasis on Prevention in Twin Cities, Minnesota. She wrote and published a book Avoiding Cancer one Day At A Time in 2007 because multiple family members, friends and patients died from cancer. Today she is also a volunteer cancer coach for the readers of her book and web-based columns.

Lynn Eldridge, M.D. is a visionary and passionate champion for a healthy, natural lifestyle that includes primary prevention as the key to greatly reducing your risk of getting cancer. Currently, she is devoting herself to researching, writing and speaking on cancer prevention and nutrition. She is a 4-time national award-winning author, and internationally recognized speaker and employed full time as a Medical Journalist for the New York Times company while also guiding their lung cancer site at

Dr. Eldridge resides in Shoreview, Minnesota and can be reached through her website or by e-mail

She will speak on Simple & Often Fun Things You Can Do Today To Lower Your Risk of Cancer.

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