SHERRY LEBED DAVIS, AUTHOR is a graduate of the College of Performing Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a Degree in Dance. Sherry danced her way from an apprentice with the Pennsylvania Ballet to Broadway, to teaching dance, to founding a Dance and Movement Program with her 2 Physician/Surgeon brothers, Dr. Marc Lebed and Dr. Joel Lebed in 1980.

The Lebed Method, Focus on Healing, is a therapeutic exercise and movement program originally established for those with breast cancer to help regain and maintain range of motion and balance, both physically and emotionally, and improve “frozen shoulder.” It was developed by Sherry Lebed Davis and Dr. Marc Lebed and Dr. Joel Lebed in 1960 at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for their mother Rita Lebed who had survived breast cancer but fell into depression and limited arm mobility that impacted her quality of life. It was one of the first hospital based programs of its kind with one of the first published studies based on physical therapy and dance in the surgical management of breast cancer. Over time this program has been used for all types of cancer in men and women alike, with great results.

In 1996, the teacher became the student and the journey came full circle when Sherry herself became a breast cancer survivor with Lymphedema and found The Lebed Method helped her continue her quality of life as she knew it.

Sherry and Dr. Marc Lebed decided in 1997 to take The Lebed Method international. With instructors in the USA and in over 12 countries, this program has been a powerful tool for the medical community. There are now 2 medical studies on this program and 3 more currently on the way as to its success in working with Cancer Survivors and those with Lymphedema.

Sherry has authored a book Thriving After Breast Cancer—Essential Healing Exercises for Body and Mind and 2 DVD’s on The Lebed Method. Her new DVD for her Children’s Program with any disability is underway.

Susan Love, M.D. writes about Sherry’s book and program, “It is critical for women to start moving right away after treatment and that they continue moving if they are to maintain their mobility. Sherry Davis’s approach will make a big difference in the quality of life of women after Breast Cancer.”

Sherry may be contacted through the Lebed Method Corporate Office located in Lynnwood, Washington by phone 877-365-6014, website and e-mail

She will speak on Therapeutic Exercise For The Prevention & Control Of Cancer.

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