DEANNA LOFTIS, R.N., B.B.A., received her R.N. Degree from the University of Kentucky JCC, Lexington. Deanna graduated from Nursing School with honors and gave the graduation speech for her nursing class. She is currently a licensed R.N. in Kentucky, Texas, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas. She worked for several years in a hospital clinical environment with surgery and orthopedic patients. Many of her surgery patients were struggling with cancer.

After several years in a hospital background, Deanna worked in a managed care position for an insurance company for over 13 years, during which time she was in a supervisory position, and a case management position. She also worked telephonically as a Transplant Coordinator for transplant patients. During this same time, she earned a B.B.A., Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Northwood University with a major in Managed Care in 2001. During the time she was in Clinical Nursing and Managed Care Nursing, Deanna lost three family members to cancer. All of them went through Conventional Medicine’s chemo and radiation and died within months of being diagnosed. Not only did she realize that so many of her cancer patients did not actually die from their cancer, but from the side effects of the treatment they received, including her loved ones.

Realizing that Conventional Medicine did not have the answers she sought, Deanna began an intensive research into Alternative Health Therapies and was shocked at what she uncovered. She left no stone unturned. Her years of intense study culminated in a 728 page book on Alternative Therapies for treating cancer called Painless Cancer Cures & Preventions Your Doctor May Not Be Aware Of. Deanna’s research convinced her that alternative health is the “wave of the future.” She sites multiple case studies in her book of people who were cured of cancer using natural, painless therapies, including some who were first considered “terminal.” Three months after publication, the book was awarded first place (for non-fiction category) in the International Jada Book of the Year Awards and later was judged a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards (health category).

She can be reached at her email address: and also has a website at Her book is available at all major online bookstores, including,,,, and many, many others.

Mrs. Loftis will discuss her book, Painless Cancer Cures and why she feels that alternative health holds more promise for the future than conventional medicine.

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