JONATHAN EMORD, ATTORNEY earned his Doctor of Law Degree in 1985 from DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois. He has been practicing Constitutional and Administrative Law before the federal courts and agencies since then. He began his career in the Federal Communication Commission during the administration of President Ronald Reagan and has maintained an abiding conviction to achieve full First Amendment protection for the freedoms of speech and press.

In 1991, his critically acclaimed book Freedom, Technology and the First Amendment chronicled the intellectual foundations of the First Amendment and advocated replacing government control over the airwaves with a title registry, private property rights approach.

Attorney Emord has practiced law for well-respected firms, served as Vice-President of the Cato Institute Think Tank in Washington, D.C., and is a Member of the Governing Council of the International Society of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.

He is a legal columnist and the host of his weekly Health Law and Politics program on the Talk Star Radio Network. Visit the website for broadcast times.

In 1994, Attorney Emord opened his own law firm, Emord & Associates. The firm represents over 450 dietary supplement companies, scientists, physicians and public policy organizations. He has defeated the FDA more times in federal court than any other attorney in American history. His most recent book, The Ultimate Price, has been endorsed by Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, among others, as must reading.

He may be reached through his Clifton, Virginia office by phone 202-466-6937, by website and by email

He will speak on Legal Bias Against Alternative Medicine & Ways To Fight Back.

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