TORU ABO, M.D., Ph.D. was born in Japan and received his Medical Degree from Tohoku University Medical School in 1972 and later his Ph.D. Degree in 1979. He currently serves as Professor of Immunology at Niigata University Graduate School.

At the frontline of Immunology studies, Dr. Abo is in wide demand internationally as a speaker and presenter of his research. His significant studies and discoveries include the creation of a monoclonal antibody against NK cell antigen CD57 while attending Alabama University in 1980; the discovery of extrathymic T cells (1989); the solution to the mechanism of white cells controlled by the autonomic nerves (1996); and the discovery that extrathymic T cells prevent malaria (1999). His 2000 article on granulocyte theory in the Journal of Digestive Disease and Sciences countered the 100-year-old theory that stomach ulcers are caused by acid.

Dr. Abo is the author of a number of important books, including Future Immunology, Illustrated Immunology and his latest, Your Immune Revolution.

Dr. Abo will speak on Stress Reduction Techniques In Cancer Prevention.

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