OMAR AMIN, Ph.D. was born in Egypt and received his M.Sc. Degree in Zoology and M.S. in Medical Entomology from Cairo University. He later received his Ph.D. Degree in Parasitology and Infectious Diseases from Arizona State University, Tempe and his Post-Doctoral in Tick Borne Diseases Research from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. This was followed by Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Research at the Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia.

His employment consisted of work at U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit #3 in Cairo, Egypt and University of Wisconsin, Kenosha teaching Epidemiology and 4 different courses in Parasitology.

Also he received many awards and grants given to him by different state agencies in support of his Parasitology Research. His Persian Gulf research was supported by Fulbright Research Scholarships.

Dr. Amin has over 160 published research papers to his credit. An equal number of presentations were made by him to various international and national scientific groups as well as a 5-part educational video set on parasites.

Presently, Dr. Amin is the Director of the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI) located in Tempe, Arizona. He can be reached by phone 480-767-2522, fax 480-767-5855, website and email

The Center provides 2 services — Diagnostic Services of human and animal borne parasitic organisms and agents of medical and public health importance. Testing is done through the Center’s mailable kit.

The Educational Services include continuing education seminars and workshops. Consultations with referring practitioners and protocols for Herbal, Alternative and Allopathic Treatments are provided courtesy of the PCI.

Dr. Amin will speak on Parasites & Cancer.

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