LARRY CLAPP, J.D., Ph.D. earned his Attorney Degree at the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor in 1963. He later earned his Ph.D. Degree in Natural Healing from Galien University in London, England in 1996. His Thesis at Galien has now become his latest book, Prostate Health In 90 Days Without Drugs Or Surgery, which was published in 1997.

Larry has always been a “do-it-yourself” kind of person, which has been reflected in his own personal experience with natural healing. In 1980, he began by restoring motion in his neck with reverse gravity, declining cervical vertebra fusion surgery. In 1981, he restored his eyesight to perfect vision and threw away his glasses by using the Bates Eye Exercises. In 1982 through 1986 he personally delivered his 3 children with a midwife. In 1990 he healed his prostate cancer without drugs or surgery. His first book, Awaken The Healer Within, deals with the emotional aspects of healing.

Cancer free and very healthy at age 73, Larry continues his research and coaches men to heal their prostates naturally, in the discussion group on his website at, in his radio/TV appearances and private consultations. His book, Prostate Health In 90 Days, is the book he wished he had had when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. There are some 200 titles on surgery and radiation for prostate cancer, but Larry’s book is the only one containing a comprehensive Alternative Program for healing the prostate naturally.

During 7 years of intensive research, Mr. Clapp studied under several Medical Doctors, Biological Dentists and Alternative Healers developing expertise in Cleansing, Nutritional Healing, pH Balancing, Herbology, Bodywork and Energetic and Spiritual Healing. He discovered a wealth of Alternatives. Drawing together the best, he developed a very successful Treatment Program.

Mr. Clapp’s latest books include Prostatitis–The 60 Day Cure, Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery–2006 Edition and Essential Cleansing–Detoxify Your Body with the Ultimate Fast. All his books are available as e-books at his website and he can also be contacted by his email

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