PAUL BORRACCIA, THE WATER GUYS, INC. is a technical installation expert in the field of drinking water filtration and treatment, specializing in reverse osmosis, deionization, remineralization and structured water systems.

Since 1998, Paul has worked with The Water Guys, Inc. (formerly Advanced Water Systems) and provides a wide range of custom filtration and water conditioning services in the residential and commercial sector.

Mr. Borraccia’s interest in the field of safe drinking water grew from his work as a grass roots activist in the social justice arena beginning in the early 1990’s. Subsequently, he worked for the National Health Federation, a pioneer consumer rights organization located in Monrovia, California. He also developed a close association with John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., a Biochemist known for his campaigns to stop fluoridation of public water, including a public vote that rejected Los Angeles fluoridation by a wide margin in 1975.

In 1999, Paul formed and directed the L.A. Chapter of Citizens for Safe Drinking Water in association with David Kennedy, D.D.S., the Founder of Citizens for Safe Drinking Water and Jeff Green, the National Director. On August 10th, 1999 the city of Los Angeles began fluoridation in spite of public protest and a lawsuit directed at the Los Angeles City Council and the Department of Water and Power, filed by L.A. Citizens for Safe Drinking Water.

Paul Borraccia may be contacted through The Water Guys, Inc. located in Canoga Park, California by phone 818-341-5281, website and email

He will speak on Turning Poison Into Medicine – Rebuilding Tap Water.

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