JULIAN WHITAKER, M.D. Graduated from Dartmouth College in 1966 and received his Medical Degree in 1970 from Emory University Medical school in Atlanta, Georgia. He completed a Surgical Medical Internship at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta in 1971 and continued his training at the University of California in San Francisco.

Dr. Whitaker ultimately chose to forgo a surgical career in favor of Nutritional Medicine. From 1976 to 1977, Dr. Whitaker was on the medical staff of the Pritikin Longevity Center, and in 1979, he opened the Whitaker Wellness Institute in Southern California. Since then, more than 35,000 patients have used his program of diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation to successfully treat and prevent arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression and many other chronic diseases.

In addition to his busy Medical Practice, Dr. Whitaker is an internationally known champion of Alternative Medicine. He is a powerful voice against FDA abuses and a tireless proponent of effective Alternative Therapies. His strong belief in ensuring medical freedom prompted him to found the Freedom of Health Foundation. Dr. Whitaker is a Member of the American Medical Association and Founder and President of the American Preventive Medical Association. He is also a Founder, along with Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Linus Pauling, Ph.D. of the California Orthomolecular Medical Society, a non-profit educational organization.

Through his monthy newsletter Health & Healing, Dr. Whitaker reaches more than 230,000 subscribers with his practical, timely advice. He is also author of 12 major books including, Reversing Diabetes, Reversing Hypertension, Reversing Heart Disease, The Memory Solution, Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks, The Pain Relief Breakthrough, Dr. Whitaker’s Guide to Natural Healing, Is Heart Surgery Necessary? And Reversing Health Risks, and two cookbooks, the Reversing Diabetes Cookbook and the Quick and Healthy Cookbook. Dr. Whitaker has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows and has lectured widely all over the United States on issues of health and the political forces within the medical profession.

He may be contacted through his Medical Clinic Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach, California by phone 800-488-1500 and website www.drwhitaker.com.

To subscribe to Dr. Whitaker’s Health & Healing Newsletter call 800-539-8219.

Dr. Whitaker will speak on Alternative Therapies for Prostate Cancer.

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