DAVE FOREMAN, R.Ph., N.D. received his Registered Pharmacist Degree from the University of South Carolina School of Pharmacy in 1987 and his Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, Alabama in 2004.

During the 9 years that Dave owned and operated his Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia, he became more and more interested in studying Natural Health and Healing as the primary step in fighting health challenges and diseases. In 1999, he sold his pharmacy and became a one-of-a-kind nationally syndicated radio call-in talk show host discussing nutritional supplements and life style. His radio show called The Herbal Pharmacist Show is heard on KRLA-AM-870 every Sunday from 9:00–10:00 a.m. in the Southern California area. He also has a regularly scheduled TV segment on WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida.

Dave is the author of two books, Prescriptions From Nature–The Benefits Of Herbs & Vitamins For Women and Fight Cancer The Natural Way. He is a contributing writer to many health journals and “Pharmacy Today,” the Journal of the American Pharmacy Association. He also writes a monthly newsletter.

His website www.herbalpharmacist.com is one of the most up to date on health information.

Dr. Foreman will speak on Herbal Pharmacist Looks At Cancer.


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