THOMAS SLAGA, Ph.D. received his B.A. in Biology and Chemistry from The College of Steubenville, Ohio and his Ph.D. in Physiology and Biophysics from The University of Arkansas Medical Center, Little Rock. He currently holds the positions of Scientific Director of the AMC Cancer Research Center in Denver, Colorado and Deputy Director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center. From 1982 until 1997, Dr. Slaga served as the Director of the Science Park–Research Division of the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Under his direction, the Science Park Division earned a reputation for research excellence in carcinogenesis and cancer prevention.

A recognized expert in the field of cancer study, Dr. Slaga has been involved in scientific studies of cancer research for more than 35 years. He is a member of numerous national and international scientific committees and professional societies and has been editor-in-chief of Molecular Carcinogenesis since 1987. He has more than 380 publications to his credit and has edited more than 20 books dealing with causes of cancer and cancer prevention.

He is the author of the book The Detox Revolution, published by McGraw-Hill in 2003, which is Dr. Slaga’s guide on how to boost the body’s ability to fight cancer and other diseases. It explains how to cleanse the body of toxins and slow down the aging process by eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes and supplementing one’s diet with key vitamins, minerals, essential fats and beneficial phytochemicals. The book also explains why moderate exercise and stress control are critical to a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Slaga also wrote the health guide D-Glucarate: A Nutrient Against Cancer, which is based in part on the results of extensive research he and his coworkers have conducted in the past few years. D-Glucarate is a phytochemical that supercharges the body’s detoxification system.

Dr. Slaga may be contacted by fax at 303-239-3400, website, and e-mail

He will speak on Fruits & Vegetables – Calcium D-Glucarate In The Prevention & Control Of Cancer.


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