DAVID KORN, D.D.S., D.O., M.D. (H) received his Dental Degree from the Dental School at West Virginia University, Morgantown. After continuing study in Oral Cancer and Oral Pathology, Dr. Korn founded the First Oral Cancer Detection Sunday Screening Program for the State of Virginia while with the Public Health Service. He was awarded for his work in Oral Cancer by the American Cancer Society and the Virginia State Dental Association.

Dr. Korn authored a manual for the establishment of an Early Oral Cancer Detection Program and several booklets on dental health education, which became official publications for several national and international dental organizations.

Stimulated by his interest in total body pathology and general cancer, he returned for a 4 year medical education at the Illinois Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and a D.O. Degree.

Packing numerous CME hours of Neurology and Pathophysiology of the temporomandibular joint and medical headache into his busy educational schedule, Dr. Korn became the Founder of the Scottsdale Center for Headache and Facial Pain in Arizona. He also started the First and Second Interdisciplinary Symposia on Craniofacial Pain, which were CME courses accepted by the AOA, AMA and ADA.

In 1983, Dr. Korn discovered the Clinical Biochemistry of healthy aging and began his quest for excellence in Integrative Medicine. This included the study of anti-aging and cancer. He achieved his goal of meeting the requirements for the Arizona MD(H) (Homeopathy) Licensure Certification in 1999.

Dr. Korn currently serves as the Medical Director for the Aeris Cancer Treatment Center in Tempe, Arizona and for LongLife Medical, Inc., a preventive medical corporation in Apache Junction, Arizona. He may be reached by phone at 480-354-6700 or 480-446-8181.

One of the therapies he uses is PolyMVA, which is a powerful non-toxic antioxidant dietary supplement in the family of Paladium Lipoic Complexes. PolyMVA comes from the combined terms Poly meaning many, M (minerals), V (vitamins) and A (amino acids). The essence of PolyMVA’s action is simple: it repairs the abnormally altered gene that is believed to set the cancer mechanism in motion.

Dr. Korn will speak on PolyMVA & Other Nutritionals Against Cancer.


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