President, Issels Foundation

ILSE MARIE ISSELS was the wife and for 40 years the closest collaborator of Josef Issels, M.D. (1907-1998). He became known worldwide for his remarkable cure rate of “incurable” cancer patients. Dr. Issels developed a Comprehensive Immunotherapy that is designed to restore the body’s complex mechanisms of regulation, repair and defense. He administered this Therapy in his specialized cancer hospital, which he founded in 1951 in Germany for the treatment of cancer patients who had failed all conventional therapies.

In 1970, the Issels Hospital grew to 120 patient beds and expanded its expensive research facilities, such as Microbiology, Immunology, Dentistry and Hyperthermia Departments. The hospital’s programs included research on Tumor Vaccines, Mycoplasma Vaccines, Bacterial Vaccines including fever, Nutritional Immunotherapy and Biological Dentistry. Dr. Issels’ continuous research until his death enabled him to integrate advanced state-of-the-art technologies.

Mrs. Issels experienced the life-saving potential of this approach to cancer and chronic degenerative diseases. She established the Issels Foundation to raise public awareness and to support further research into the Immunobiological Field.

Christian Issels, N.D. carries on his father’s legacy. He is the head of the Issels Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Contact information by phone: 602-493-2273, website: and e-mail:

Issels Treatment Center is at Oasis Hospital in Playas De Tijuana, Mexico. Contact information by phone: 888-447-7357, from abroad: 480-585-6804, website: and e-mail:

Mrs. Issels will speak with Gar Hildenbrand, Clinical Epidemiologist on Issels Immuno Therapy.


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