GAR HILDENBRAND, CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY, ISSELS TREATMENT CENTER, also head of the Gerson Research Organization, is in charge of protocol development for the Issels Treatment Center of the Oasis of Hope Hospital, located in Playas De Tijuana, Mexico.

Known for his policy work, he was a whistle-blowing advisor to Unconventional Cancer Treatments (OTA-H-405, US Govt. Printing Office 1990). He served first as an ad hoc advisor, then as a member of the Alternative Medicine Program Advisory Council for the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine, for which he co-chaired the Strategic Planning Subcommittee. He also chaired the OAM Diet and Nutrition Working Group and chaired the chapter “Diet and Nutrition in the Treatment and Prevention of Chronic and Degenerative Diseases” of the NIH report Alternative Medicine: Expanding Medical Horizons.

The methodology of his retrospective review of melanoma outcomes in the Gerson system was highlighted when Mr. Hildenbrand was asked to give a keynote speech opposite Ernst Wynder at the NIH Practice-Based Outcomes Monitoring and Evaluation System (POMES) Methodology Conference.

Gar recently spoke at the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) Spring 2003 Cancer Conference on the newly discovered holy grail of Immunology, dendritric cells, and how the Therapies which comprise the Issels Comprehensive Immunotherapy all serve to break tolerance and activate dendritic cells to stimulate anti-cancer cellular immunization resulting in durable tumor regressions.

Mr. Hildenbrand may be contacted by phone 858-759-2262, fax 858-759-2502 or e-mail

He will speak with Ilse Issels, President, Issels Foundation on Issels Immuno Therapy.


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