ARNOLD TAKEMOTO received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Clarkson College of Technology in Potsdam, New York, in 1966. He also compiled medical research on behalf of the University of Vermont Medical School and Medical Center and the University of Colorado Medical Center. While there he designed and implemented new methods and instrumentation to grow and study pneumoccus bacilli. Arnold completed his studies at Denver University Graduate School under the auspice of a National Science Foundation Research Grant.

In 1998, Sir Arnold Takemoto, was knighted by HSH Prince George of the Sovereign Order of the Oak “For his service in originating protocols for severe and life-threatening health disorders.” Most recently, he was awarded the Grand Cross of the Sovereign Order of the Oak, the highest rank of Knighthood.

Sir Arnold Takemoto has been President and Chief Executive Officer of BioImmune, Inc. since 1999. As Founder of the company, Sir Arnold brings his unique and innovative approaches to Immunological and Cardiovascular Diseases. His personal mission statement is to provide strong clinical support for cutting edge complementary protocols and to facilitate physicians in their implementation of immune modulating therapies. Sir Arnold has served as a Chief Consultant to physicians and cancer clinics worldwide for over 30 years. He also attends workshops at many international medical conferences as a keynote speaker or guest lecturer. He is known for his multi-discipline knowledge of Practical Clinical Medicine, Biochemistry, Heavy Metal Toxicity and Detoxification, Immune Deficiency and Innovative Cardiovascular Protocols.

Sir Takemoto has managed his own consulting business specializing in Immunological Disorders since 1992 and can be reached at BioImmune, Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona by phone 480-778-1618, fax 480-778-1617, e-mail and website

He will speak on Immune Therapy In Cancer & Cardiovascular Disease.


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