JOSEPH MONTANTE, M.D. received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry in 1971 and his Medical Degree in 1975 from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. After completing a Medical-Surgical Internship at St. John’s Hospital in Detroit, and a year of Ophthalmology Residency at the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo, Dr. Montante became and is currently a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Following 2 years of practice as a Family Physician in the inner city of Detroit, he decided to make a career change to Holistic Medicine, and began by studying Applied Kinesiology with George Goodheart D.C.

Dr. Montante then completed the Kelly Metabolic Therapy training program at the International Health Institute in Chicago, Illinois, and became a Certified Kelly Physician in 1980. Shortly after, he moved to Boulder, Colorado, apprenticed under Dwight McKee, M.D. and is currently there practicing Complimentary Medicine. He employs the Kelly Metabolic Therapy in his work with cancer patients and has advanced the method to develop and author the Nutrabalance System of nutritional evaluation, which is applicable to the general population as a health evaluation tool.

Dr. Montante’s Nutrabalance software analysis system is used by physicians world wide to provide nutritional evaluations from laboratory measurements and he has recently introduced a simplified version of the software, called NutraCompute, to the general public for distribution in health clubs and pharmacies. He has also developed a subjective health analysis program available through the NutraCompute web site at no charge, where an on line questionnaire offers instant feedback about your health condition.

Dr. Montante is recognized as a pioneer in the field of Metabolic Nutrition. He lectures nationally giving educational seminars to health professionals, and is a regular guest on a weekly talk show in the Denver area. His weekly radio show is recorded live every Tuesday from 11 am to 12 noon MST, and is made available through the American Freedom Network in Colorado. The show can be heard anywhere in the world by logging on to, and clicking the radio icon at the bottom of the home page. The show can also be heard by selecting the Healthy Nature Show with Jill Harrison at during that time slot.

Dr. Montante will speak on The Kelly Metabolic Therapy.


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