MICHAEL BENNETT, PHARM.D. received his Doctorate from the University of California, San Francisco and earned his Post-Doctorate Fellowship at the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center and the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver.

Currently, Dr. Bennett is the Director of Optimal Research in Vista, California and he can be reached at (760) 597-0428 or email: docben@inetworld.net. His research lab specializes in Nutritional, Preventative, Botanical, Anti-Aging and Alternative Medicine. He lectures widely about using natural hormone replacement (NHR) and nutritional supplements for optimal health and longevity. Dr. Bennett has consulted with hundreds of women and men seeking natural hormones and supplements customized to their individual needs.

Dr. Bennett has published several articles in the scientific literature. His first book, Wild Yam – Nature’s Source Of Phytohormones, is the first carefully researched monograph detailing wild yams’ medicinal history and therapeutic effects. He contributed to the best-selling books The DHEA Breakthrough and Glucosamine: Nature’s Arthritis Remedy. He recently led a Mexican field expedition to film a TV documentary on the origins of DHEA production.

Dr. Bennett’s newest book, The Flaxseed Revolution – Nature’s Source Of Omega-3s, Lignans and Fiber, discusses the tremendous health benefits of using whole ground flaxseed. His presentation will focus on the anti-cancer properties of flaxseed.

He will speak on The Flaxseed Revolution – Flaxseed For The Prevention & Treatment Of Cancer, Diabetes & Heart Disease.


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