JAMES SHORTT, M.D. graduated with a major in Emergency Medicine from Madonna University, Livonia, Michigan and completed postgraduate studies in Physics from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. He received his Medical Degree from the University of the Caribbean in Montserrat. His residency in Family Practice was with The Medical College of Wisconsin in Wauwatosa, where his involvement in Longevity Research began.

Dr. Shortt was Board Certified in Family Practice, Neural Therapy, Oxidative Therapy, Chelation Therapy and Longevity Medicine. He also studied DMSO with Stanley Jacob, M.D., Transfer Factors with Hugh Fudenburg, M.D. and Prolo Therapy with Ross Hauser, M.D. and William Faber, D.O.

Presently, he is the Medical Director of Health Dimensions Clinics located in West Columbia and Spartanburg, South Carolina. The Clinics feature Hormone Modulation, Immune Enhancement, Sports Medicine, Oxidative Medicine, Chelation Therapy, Neural Therapy, Kinesiology, Live Blood Analysis and Longevity and Cancer Treatments.

Dr. Shortt will speak on Beta Glucan, Enzymes & Transfer Factors In The Treatment Of Cancer.

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