AKITSUGU MORIYAMA, PRES. CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY JAPAN & CARL SIMONTON CENTERS JAPAN, in 1973 at age 25, was stricken by meningitis and asthma and was put on a regimen of conventional prescription drugs. After this therapy failed he consulted with a professor in the Department of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo, Japan and was advised of the importance of diet and good nutrition and soon recovered.

In 1977, inspired by the writings of Roger Williams, M.D., author of Biochemical Individuality and discoverer of Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), he studied Orthomolecular Medicine via correspondence courses from Westminster University, London, England.

For the past 25 years, Mr. Moriyama has lectured on Nutrition throughout Japan, Taiwan and the United States, with a total audience participation upwards of one million people.

In 1995, inspired by the work of the Cancer Control Society in the United States, he founded the Cancer Control Society of Japan and has organized Annual Conventions in Tokyo for the past 7 years. The Society offers advice and referrals for Alternative Treatments on Vaccines, Hyperthermia, CoQ10, SOD, Mushrooms, Seaweed and many other Therapies. Prevention is very popular and the Japanese people exercise, donít overeat and eat a wide variety of foods.

Last year, Mr. Moriyama and his colleagues formed a Japan Center for implementing the work of Carl Simonton, M.D., which focuses on mental health and the influences mental and emotional health have on physical health.

He will speak with Frank Cousineau, Vice-Pres. Cancer Control Society on Alternative Therapies In Japan.


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