LUZ BRAVO, M.D. graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California in 1983. As Medical Director of Hospital American Biologics, she brings over 15 years of experience utilizing integrative medicine into day to day practice. She has managed patients with every form of degenerative disease and is well versed in the use of the advanced Bradford Microscope System. This includes expertise in the Bradford HLB (Heitan-Legard-Bradford) and HRBM (high resolution blood morphology).

Aside from overseeing Professor Bradfordís 11 physicians and 15 nurses, she also oversees the advanced technology at Hospital American Biologicís hospital annex, Hospital Meridien. Here, patients in need of advanced Perfusion Hyperthermia avail themselves of the latest in Hyperthermia Technology. The surgical suites and recovery room compete favorably with any hospital.

In addition, Dr. Bravo is Medical Director for Hospital Meridien, where those patients requiring Gerson Therapy are treated by the only physicians in the world with extensive Gerson Therapy experience. In collaboration with Professor Bradford, Dr. Bravo has been responsible for reintroducing Calves Liver Juice into Gerson Protocols. She and Dr. Alicia Melendez have been the Chief Physicians at Hospital Meridien for the past 6 years.

Finally, Dr. Bravo is responsible for overseeing quality control for Professor Bradfordís advanced Oxidative Therapies, the Anti-Aging Protocols, the Anti-Microbial Protocols, Bioelectrical Therapies as well as the Detoxification Modalities.

She will speak on American Biologics Cancer Program.


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