ELIZABETH BAKER, AUTHOR received her Masters Degree in Languages from Oklahoma State University. Elizabeth’s career began with University teaching followed by living in foreign countries. She studied the cultures and eating habits of different peoples and wrote travel articles and novels.

Along with her late husband, Elton Baker, Ph.D. in Chemistry, she has devoted her life to helping others through Nutrition and Alternate Health Remedies. Her continued intense study and research on the subject have made her in demand as a teacher, writer and lecturer.

Elizabeth began her search for renewed health in 1970. By turning to Living Foods she overcame not only Addison’s Disease, Arthritis and severe Hypoglycemia, but also Colon Cancer. She has been totally free of cancer for over 18 years.

Elizabeth is the author of 7 books on health: The Un-Cook Book, The Un-Diet Book, The Un-Medical Book, The Un-Medical Miracle–Oxygen, The Gourmet Un-Cook Book, Does The Bible Teach Nutrition and Unvelievably Easy Sprouting.

She will speak on Living Foods & Sprouts.


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