TONY O'DONNELL, N.D., was born into a family of 11 children in Donegal, Ireland. He lost his father to heart disease when he was 21 and 4 other members of his family (including his fiance) to cancer. These traumatic experiences motivated him to take charge of his own health and to help others lead healthier lives. Tony's mission in life is to love, care, share and to help others understand what quality living is all about.

Tony graduated with a B.A. in Engineering from the University College in Galway, Ireland. Later, he studied at the British Homeopathic College in London, England and received 2 Degrees one as a Certified Herbalist and the other as a Naturopath. He also received a Degree in Ireland as a Certified Nutritionist. He then came to the United States and received a 2nd Naturopathic Degree from Clayton College of Natural Health located in Birmingham, Alabama.

For years, Tony was the Vice-President of a major nutritional corporation. Additionally, he is the formulator of leading vitamin products, including the top seller Emerald Greens. He has also written articles on health for many publications and his first book called Miracle Superfoods That Heal is currently available.

Back in Ireland, Tony hosted a weekly radio show that ran for 6 years. Today, in the United States, he can be heard daily on 800 radio stations across the country. Tony is the featured Naturopathic Doctor on Channel 3 in Phoenix, a CNN affiliate. He also hosts and produces his own cable TV show on Adelphia Cable. Tony is the only Naturopathic Doctor in America who actually shows, on television, the therapeutic benefits of raw herbs.

Dr. Tony O'Donnell can be contacted by phone at (310) 458-1169 or at

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