CLINTON MILLER, LEG. ADV., is the health freedom Legislative Advocate for the Health Freedom Fund. He served the national health Federation for over 27 years in the offices of Legislative Advocate, Vice President and Executive Director. Since 1982 he has also been a Consultant for additional organizations. His first name association with many U.S. Congressmen has given health freedom crusaders an irreplaceable ally.

Mr. Miller's current projects are (1) To help enact HR 1077 which will allow for food supplement manufacturers to label their products with truthful, nonmisleading information regarding their use to promote health and prevent disease; (2) To help enact the Access To Medical Treatment Act (AMTA) HR 2635 which would guarantee that a health care practitioner may provide any medical treatment (including those not approved by FDA) if there is no unreasonable and significant risk of danger to the individual being treated; (3) To repeal all mandatory fluoridation laws; (4) To kill or amend state monopoly Dietician Licensure Bills; (5) To kill or amend state and national regulations which would ban or regulate Ma Huang or Ephedra herbs as Rx drugs.

Mr. Miller will speak with former Congressman William Dannemeyer on Cancer Care For The New Millennium. Mr. Dannemeyer will talk on a new bill pending in the House of Representatives, which will bypass the FDA and authorize State licensed practitioners to administer protocols in the alternative medical field.


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