RONALD GDANSKI was born and educated in Canada where he continues to reside. He graduated in 1960 with a B.A. in English and Philosophy from the University of Ottawa. Over the years, he has taken numerous University level courses in Journalism, Education, Business Management, Herbalism and Marketing. He considers himself a professional dabbler in the Arts and Sciences.

In 1967, he invented the Nadex Coin Sorter and Packager, a plastic tray to sort, count and wrap coins. This invention won the 1972 International Inventor's Convention Gold Metal Award for best office product.

Following the death of his brother from cancer in 1992, he became deeply concerned about the cancer epidemic. He formulated a 3-part herbal parasite and fungi cleanse combination, based on the work of Dr. Hulda Clark, that is sold in Canada and is being used in China's cancer hospitals.

As an independent business owner, he has dedicated 6 years to researching the cause of cancer. He identifies the world's cancer epidemic as the result of a parasitic epidemic brought on mainly by pollution, globalization, increased population density and processing of foods.

Ron believes parasitic flukes and worms are hosts to viruses, bacteria and fungi. Large parasites serve as reservoirs for infection. Flukes, worms and their larvae cause injuries to internal-membrane walls of organs and storage vessels. Internal injuries and infections cause cancer. Cancer tumors are caused by the repair of injury process trapped in high gear multiplying infected and mutated membrane cells. That's why we have pre-cancerous lesions. That's why up to 96% of cancers are membrane cell cancers. That's why most tumors occur in storage vessels such as the lungs, breasts, colon, bladder, prostrate, etc. All data we know about cancer can be explained by the repair-of-injury-plus-infection cause of cancer theory.

According to Ron, defective genes have nothing to do with out-of-control growth. The defective gene theory of cancer is debatable and has never been proven.

Ron will speak on Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark's cancer treatment programs. He will focus on eliminating parasites from the body in order to stop internal injuries and infections. Scientific data to support this theory is included in his book called CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up. For a free descriptive booklet call or FAX 1(800) 656-7606. Email:

RONALD GDANSKI will speak on The Dr. Hulda Clark Program.


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