STEPHEN DARDEN, Ph.D., received his Degree from the University of Southern California Los Angeles in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Darden worked in the Laminate Plastics and Expanded Plastics Industries until 1975. From 1975 until the present time he has worked in the healthcare business.

In 1983, he was diagnosed with cancer and other degenerative diseases, plus suffered a stroke and heart attack. At that time, Dr. Darden was advised to have coronary by-pass surgery and to take 12 different prescription drugs. He underwent Chelation Therapy treatments and Ozone/Oxygen Therapy and in 30 days he no longer needed to take any prescribed medications and did not need the surgery.

Six years ago, he discovered the benefits of Oxygen Therapies for healing and purifying the body. Dr. Darden is now ready to pass along these Therapies so that others may get the supercharged Oxygen into their system. He is now 80 years young and feels like he is 40.

As President of Nu-Start, Inc., Dr. Darden has designed and is manufacturing Ozone Generators to produce supercharged water and air. Many other life changing supplements and protocols are available from Nu-Start. Some of these are Serrapeptase, CoQ10 Q-Gels, Colloidal Silver, MSM, SAMe and 35% Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Nu-Start also offers Magnetic Pulse Generators and Silver-T/Blood Electrification Generators. Nu-Start, Inc. now has a treatment center for helping people toward a nu-start in life! To contact Dr. Darden one may call (800) 246-3737 or write to Nu-Start, Inc., P.O. Box 548, Cairo, IL 62914. Their E-mail is

STEPHEN DARDEN, Ph.D will speak on Oxygen Therapies - How To Treat Cancer And Other Degenerative Diseases.


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