MICHAEL COOK, President of Vivacity Professional Health Products established a career as a magazine publisher and graphic artist. He completed his studies in Comparative Literature at the University of Califorina at Irvine. In 1997, he was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer at the age of 45. He used a Chinese Herbal Supplement called PC SPES™ as his exclusive therapy. He has been in remission from the first month he started taking this combination manufactured by BotanicLab Inc. He is an authorized distributor of this supplement.

PC SPES™ is a product created by Sophie Chen, Ph.,D when she began a collaboration with a talented Chinese Medical Doctor, Allan Wang. Their skills, schooled in both western and traditional Chinese medicine, along with the most technologically advanced equipment, explored the underlying basic mechanisms of herbal action. Together they synergized traditional herbs, drawing from their vast experience of the past and the most advanced modern scientific technologies.

Michael Cook will speak on the topic of his experiences with prostate cancer, the current treatment alternatives in the industry, and the possibilities of PC SPES™ as a means to substantially decrease PSA counts, tumor growth and clear metastastasis.

Mr. Cook can be contacted at (800) 700-6938 or Website www.vivacity.com or E-mail: admin@vivacity.com

He will speak on PC-SPECS and Prostate Cancer.

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